What’s new in v1.9

Version 1.9 of Mycas will be released next week and includes some great new email report options, plus speed boosts for some of the most commonly-used functions. Here’s a summary of what’s included.

Subscriptions to statistical reports

It’s now possible to send statistical reports out to groups of users with information that’s relevant to the group, all on a flexible schedule.

For example, you might decide to send a daily and weekly sales report to your sales team containing a staff leaderboard for offers and conversions. Marketing managers may prefer a more detailed report in their inbox each morning including sales grouped by agents, countries and year-on-year comparisons. Your accounts manager may like a daily snapshot of TPS values and overdue fees using the new financial reporting options (see below).

These reports are infinitely customisable, with an unlimited number of reports per group, and each report can have its own unique schedule — daily, weekly, monthly or annually. The schedule determines the period to be considered for the report. For example, weekly reports will include summary data for the week. Annual reports will include full-year data.

To set these up, open the Users and Groups screen from the Admin panel, select a group, then the new Email Subscriptions tab, and add as many reports as you wish, along with a schedule for each.

Don’t forget you’re not limited to the existing groups you use to define roles and permissions. You can also create new groups just for these email reports — you don’t need to add any permissions to these groups. Simply add the users, and select your reports and schedules.

Financial statistics

New financial statistic fields are available for including in reports for your accounts and management teams. New financial fields include:

  • TPSProtectedFees – Get an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the tuition fees total to be protected in your designated account. This is a great way to provide evidence of ongoing compliance with the TPS requirements.
  • OverdueFees – A live snapshot of the total amount of student fees that are overdue.
  • SchedulesToPay – A live snapshot of the total amount of agent commission payments you are currently holding.
  • ReceiptsByPaymentType – The dollar value of receipts taken in the period, grouped by payment type. This is a great way to reconcile daily and weekly cash and credit card takings.
  • ReceiptsByProduct – The dollar value of receipts taken in the period, grouped by product.
  • RefundsByType – The dollar value of refunds processed in the period.

These new financial fields can also be combined with existing fields, so you can include management information such as total enrolments, period sales, agent activity, etc, all on the same report.

Massive speed boosts

One of the most notable improvements with this release is massive speed increases for many of the most requested functions, particularly when using a remote datacenter such as Azure.

The first is a new, simplified TPS report. The report continues to contain a breakdown of TPS amounts per enrolment, but the report now displays in less than one second, even when hosted in Azure!

The Offer Search screen, which was notably lethargic when running large amounts of offers, is now also instantaneous, even when remote-hosted and with hundreds of offers to display.

Several financial reports have also had significant speed increases as well.

Bits and pieces

As usual, there’s many minor under-the-hood improvements and fixes, including:

  • The Dynamic Report editor now allows you to add the organisation’s RTO ID, CRICOS ID, and telephone number dynamically. These options are available in the Organisation group, along with the organisation’s logo.
  • AVETMISS 8.0 reports are now available. You can select between version 7 and version 8 reports depending on your needs.
  • The Offer Search screen can also now show the selected study shift when in detail mode.
  • The Settings menu has been tidied up and made more accessible.
  • The Mycas download size has been significantly reduced. The compressed update has been reduced to 32Mb, which means a faster update (particularly over slower connections), and faster load times.

Mycas V1.9 will be available from Monday 27 November 2017.