Version 2.1 is now available

Mycas V2.1 is now available! This release includes:

  • Email Offers as a PDF directly from the Offer Detail screen. You’ll be able to select to send the PDF to the agent, the agent employee, the agent office, or directly to the applicant — you can even email all of them at once! You can customise the new ”Offer Attached” email template as you wish.
  • Mycas Tasker can now automatically email out invoice reminders prior to invoices falling due. You can set the number of days in settings (the default is 30 days). The reminders will even include a PDF copy of the invoice for you. Be sure to select a default invoice template from the Reports list on the admin tab.
  • Email invoice/receipts directly from the reception desk sales area. When making a front desk sale, Mycas will now offer to email the student a PDF copy of the (paid) invoice directly. This is a great timesaver instead of waiting for the invoice/receipt to print.
  • When making offers, Mycas will now warn you if the offered course duration may be outside of the registered CRICOS duration. You can set the registered CRICOS durations via the Courses screen. This will help you to maintain compliance.
  • Mycas can now use the standard Windows notifications system on Windows 8 and Windows 10. This will be used to post notifications such as overdue processes, task failures, etc. You can customise how these notifications appear from Mycas via the Windows Control Panel.
  • There are several new options in the Settings panel, including setting separate days for running attendance calculations from the usual weekly tasks, new template options, and new settings for staff roles

This update also includes several important fixes, including:

  • The Academic Performance screen may cause a crash when merging several students to a template that includes specific class details
  • When merging a list of processes to a template the “notes” field shows raw HTML instead of formatted text
  • The Enrolment Search screen may cause a crash for users that have several roles restricted
  • The Employee Search screen may cause a crash when Mycas is running on MS SQL Server or Azure SQL Server

This update addresses these issues.