Version 1.8 Now Available

Version 1.8 of Mycas is now available, and it’s one of the biggest updates of the year! Here’s a brief rundown of what’s included.

Updates to class scheduling

This update focusses strongly on updates and improvements to the class scheduling system, and provides more flexible scheduling options.

New Class Scheduling arrangements

Since it’s release Mycas has included a class scheduling engine which determines a study plan pathway for each student based on the duration of study, the classes they’ve already completed, and any credit transfers or any recognition of prior learning that has been granted.

It’s complex scheduling algorithm was designed around one-year cycles — units run at least once a year, and levels are employed for multi-year courses.

The new 1.7 release introduces a new “simple” scheduling algorithm that allows a sequential flow of units across multiple years in a single level. This is a great option for multi-year courses for smaller cohorts where you only want to run a single class (or level) at any one time. New students can feed into whatever unit happens to be scheduled at the time. Once the sequence finishes it starts over from the beginning.

To make this work, create a stream level for the full duration of the course. It may be made up of one single unit group running for 18-months or more, or multiple unit groups chained together. Add this single stream level to your course, and Mycas will use the new sequential scheduling system to run units in a single level one after the other from start to finish.

Complex scheduling types are still available for offering multiple stream levels for multi-year courses.

Making corrections directly from the Class Issues screen

The Class Issues screen is designed to identify and alert you to potential issues with Class signups. This includes:

  • students without a class assigned
  • students signed up to the wrong class
  • students signed into classes in the wrong shift
  • students signed into classes before their enrolment is due to commence
  • students signed into classes after their enrolment finishes

Up until now, the user was expected to act on these findings where appropriate and re-assign classes as needed. This new update, however, can fix most issues automatically. Simply select the issues to resolve and select the Schedule button and Mycas will intelligently produce a new study plan for the selected enrolments, re-assigning students to classes and removing them as appropriate.

Of course, you’re still free to selectively ignore identified issues where there may be a legitimate reason, such as a student being assigned to a makeup class outside of their usual study shift, but for all other cases this will be a huge timesaver.

Automatic signups for newly converted enrolments

Last minute sales before an intake can leave new students without a class allocated until someone signs them up. On busy intake days this can lead to delays and involve multiple staff.

Mycas can now automatically assign new students to a class right at the time the offer is converted to an enrolment.

This works anytime a new enrolment is due to commence during the current, or very next, study period.

Composite classes

Mycas can now create and schedule “composite” classes for students with no other study alternative. A student may have a hole in their study plan due to being granted RPL or because they’ve transferred in from another provider. The Mycas scheduling system has traditionally skipped over weeks that couldn’t be scheduled. Now, these unscheduled weeks can be tracked and students can be provided with alternative lessons or advised of other arrangements.

Other features and updates

  • Improved labelling for all grid-based printed reports, including date and time printed, titles, and filters where applicable
  • When opening documents held within the Mycas document management system, Mycas will now copy the document to your system’s “My Documents” folder prior to opening. This allows you to make changes if desired before dragging back in to Mycas to add a new version. PDF documents continue to be viewed directly from within Mycas.
  • Offers can now show the period to which each instalment payment relates. This is a requirement of the new version of the National Code that comes into effect from 1 January 2018. You will need to update your Offer Letter template to include the new ‘Instalment Period’ field into the instalments table.
  • All “Dynamic Reports” windows now open significantly faster.
  • The “View Credits” and “View Receipts” screens now have additional detail columns, footer summaries, and grouping summaries.
  • Various AVETMISS updates, fixes and speed improvements

Mycas V1.8 is now available.