Version 1.6 Released

Mycas V1.6 has now been released and contains a range of standout new features. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the top items:

  • Moodle integration Mycas can now automatically create all of your student and trainer accounts, create classes, copy content from templates and keep everything in sync with your Moodle instance.
  • Adding Units of Competency in bulk When adding new courses, one of the time consuming items is adding all of the units of competency and required unit metadata. In V1.6 this has been greatly simplified. Simply click ‘Add Bulk Units’ from the Learning Unit screen and paste a list of unit codes—these can be separated by new lines, spaces or commas. Any non-unit codes included in the paste will be safely ignored. Mycas will then create all of the units and intelligently pull the unit name and AVETMISS Field of Education codes from the database. Any existing units will be ignored and won’t be duplicated.
  • Internal PDF viewer Any PDF documents you add to the internal document library, including student files and unit resources, can now be quickly viewed in Mycas’ inbuilt PDF viewer. This is much faster than loading into an external reader.
  • Email signatures Administrators can create an organisation-wide email signature template in the Organisation Settings window, using placeholders for dynamic content such as name, email address, and position. Outlook-compatible HTML signature files can then be generated by end users (from the My Account screen) or by Administrators (from the User Account screen).
  • Invoices and receipts now show the related period of tuition Invoice and receipt descriptions will now include the dates of tuition the amount relates to. These will appear in all finance screens and can be printed on invoices and receipts for students.
  • Merge Courses to Dynamic Reports From the Course Search screen, you can now merge course data to create new Dynamic Reports. This could be used, for example, to generate training and assessment strategies automatically which are always kept up-to-date.
  • Default document naming When adding new documents into any section of Mycas, using either drag-and-drop or the Add Document button, the document will be given a default library name based on the original filename. This can be overwritten if desired in the Document Properties window before saving.
  • Easily compare class absences to outcomes Class result screens now include overall student absence rates side-by-side.
  • Courses now retrieve TGA metadata When adding new courses, Mycas will query the database for related metadata such as Field of Education, Level of Education, and ANZSCO codes.
  • New export fields for orientation day, first day of class, and more Due to different study shifts, students may not always start class on their first enrolment day. For example, enrolments usually commence on Mondays (the first day of the week) but a student’s first day of class may be Thursday. You may even require students to attend orientation on a Wednesday, for example. Mycas now includes additional fields that can be exported into email and SMS templates, or the Dynamic Reporter, to notify students of their orientation day and first day of class based on the shift they are enrolled in. In addition to “Start Date” you can also include new fields for “Class Start Date” (based on the first study session day of the shift), and “Orientation Date/Time” (based on the date and time set in the Shift Editor window for orientation).

Version 1.6 is now available. For more information contact