New in 1.7: Tracking individual assessment tasks

Mycas has always been able to record and report outcomes for units of competency, but in version 1.7 it now has the ability to track and record individual assessment tasks that lead up to the final outcome.

You can now:

  • create an assessment plan for each individual unit of competency, consisting of tasks and a schedule
  • customise the assessment plan for individual classes if so desired, and
  • optionally record the individual task outcomes as well as the overall outcome

This allows much greater detail to be recorded in dynamic Mycas reports, including training and assessment strategies and student reports, and provides greater transparency around how an outcome was reached.

Recording an assessment plan for a unit

Adding an assessment plan to a unit in Mycas is a great way of creating a template for all classes that run for that unit in future.

From the Learning Unit screen, select the new Assessment Tasks tab and click Edit from the left navigation pane. Select Add to add as many tasks as you wish. Name the tasks and (optionally) add any notes and the delivery week that the assessment task will appear in.

When you create or edit a report that includes learning unit fields (such as class or course reports) you can now drag and drop fields from the Assessment Tasks group straight into the report to include this detail.

Building an assessment plan for a class

When you select a unit for a class, Mycas will automatically copy the assessment tasks from the chosen learning unit into the class assessment plan. In most cases, this will be all you’ll need to do, however you’re free to edit the plan for an individual class to take into account changes in the number of delivery weeks, or customisation for a particular cohort.

In the Class screen, select the new Assessment Tasks group. You’ll immediately see the standard tasks you created as part of that unit. From here you can freely edit the task details or delivery schedule to customise it for your delivery group.

Recording individual task results

When recording outcomes for a class Mycas will give you the opportunity to record the outcomes for individual tasks as well as an overall outcome. Here’s how it works:

From the Class screen enter overall class results as usual. If the result outcome is a “successful” grade (such as “Competent”) Mycas will assume all tasks were successfully completed and automatically record the tasks as “Satisfactory”.

If, however, the overall result was not successful, such as a “Not Yet Competent” or “Withdrawn” code, a small window will pop up allowing you to record the individual task outcomes. Typical outcomes might include “Satisfactory”, “Not Satisfactory”, “Did Not Submit”, etc. These can be customised in the Mycas settings in the Admin tab.

Drilling down into student results

From the Results tab for each student you can now drill down into the individual task outcomes to see exactly what tasks may have been missed or in need of further work.

Next to each result is a small ‘plus’ symbol. When clicked a new dropdown pops up that shows the individual tasks and their outcome.

You can update task results in the same way you edit overall outcomes — click “Edit Result” and you’ll be able to update individual task outcomes at the same time as the overall outcome.

Including assessment task results in reports

You can include individual assessment task results in reports along with result outcomes if you desire. From the Enrolment group of the dynamic reporter, expand the Results sub-group. Press and hold the “Control” (CTRL) key while selecting the Unit, Result and Task Results fields and drag them into your report.

You’ll get a table of results with rows included under each result indicating the individual task outcomes.

Changes to the attendance column in result screens

The Academic Results tab for an enrolment, and the Class Results group for a class, have been changed so that the ‘Attendance’ column now shows the attendance for the associated class individually, not the study period as a whole. This makes it clearer to see the correlation between class attendance and result outcomes.

Mycas V1.7 is available now.