Moodle integration is coming!

Work is already well underway for version 1.6 of Mycas, and one of the standout features currently in testing is integration with Moodle!

Moodle is currently the most popular and widely used open-source eLearning platform in the world, used by colleges, universities and for corporate training. Although traditionally aimed more at the higher education market than vocational providers, Moodle has recently made significant improvements that make it much more attractive to VET markets.

The upcoming 1.6 release of Mycas can talk directly to Moodle, creating learner and teaching accounts automatically, synchronising classes, and automating many of the functions that would normally require manual intervention.

Sync Simplicity!

Synchronising with Moodle couldn’t be simpler! In Mycas, create your classes and assign trainers and students just as you always would. When you’re ready, click the “Synchronise eLearning” button from the classes screen. Mycas will automatically create accounts for all participants, assigning teacher and student roles as required. A course will be created in Moodle for your cohort, which can optionally be based on a template containing standard activities and learner resources associated with each unit.

For an even more “hands off” approach the Mycas Bot can also be tasked with synchronising all of your classes automatically each day or each week.

For the web, or with native phone, tablet or desktop apps

If you haven’t already checked it out, Moodle can be accessed from a web interface, or native apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone devices, making Moodle one of the most accessible platforms for consuming eLearning content.

Further Moodle integrations will be added in future Mycas releases.

Version 1.6 will be released in September 2017. For more information contact