Making the most of Tags


When it comes to organising information, tags are one of the most useful tools available. Information doesn’t usually live in just one nicely defined little box. There may be many dimensions to the information that we’re storing, and we’d like to be able to recall it using any of those keywords.

Tagging lets us apply multiple keywords or categories to each piece of information, making searching both incredibly fast and amazingly specific. That’s why I was so excited to incorporate tagging into Mycas.

The new version 1.3 of Mycas supports tags for several different types of items, starting with agents, learning units and clusters. The types of items that support tagging within Mycas will grow over time.

As an example, you may like to categorise your educational agents based on several tags. These could include the markets they specialise in, their status (such as “VIP” or “High Maintenance”), or the languages they speak or markets they deal with.

Once tagged you can search for all agents that are tagged “VIP” in order to send them a personalised email. Getting more specific, with the right tagging you could search for all “VIP” agents that are also tagged as specialising in “South-East Asian” market and speak Indonesian.

Tags are also clearly visible when you open each record, so your entire team can see at a glance the tags that have been applied.

Adding tags


Tags are entered on the detail screens for the items that support tagging. You’ll need to have permission to edit the record.

When entering tags, separate each keyword with a comma or semicolon. Mycas will validate the tag. As you start to type it will start to look up existing tags on the system and present these to you in a dropdown. You can select from this dropdown with your mouse or cursor keys. If the tag hasn’t yet been created you can confirm the tag by pressing comma or a semi-colon at the end, or just tab out of the tag field.

If you make a mistake and don’t wish to keep the tag, just click the ‘X’ in the tag bubble. You can also remove tags using your cursor keys and the delete button.

Searching for tagged records

The search screens for records that support tagging have a tagging text box. Start typing the tags you’re searching for and Mycas will present you with a dropdown list of tags that match. Select as many tags as you like, separated by a comma or semicolon.

When you click Search Mycas will present you with only records that match all of the tags you have selected.

There are no practical limits to the number of tags you apply to records. Be as specific as you wish!

If you have any feedback on tagging in Mycas, or would like to suggest other items that should support tagging, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy tagging!