Integration with Slack

Slack is an advanced team messaging and collaboration platform widely used by teams of all sizes. It’s especially great if you have remote teams and offices to keep everyone on the same page.

slackSlack can be used to deliver timely automated messages right out of Mycas. There’s some great new Slack features in the development pipeline, but for now messages can be sent automatically for the following actions:

  • Notifications when Offers have been converted
  • Automatic task run notifications
  • Daily statistics

More Slack integrations are being included with every release. If you’re not currently a Slack user, now is a great time to try it out.

Setting up

To setup a Slack integration, start by creating a web-hook. Go to Sign in to Slack and go to Incoming WebHooks.

Choose the channel name you want to send the different types of notifications to. You may want notifications of new offers to go to a marketing channel, while a separate management channel is used for stats and admin notifications.

Copy the Webhook URL. We’ll need this for Mycas.

In Mycas, go to Settings and enter the web hook and channel details on the Slack tab.

That’s it! Next time you login to Mycas the integrations will be ready to run.

A great use of the Slack integration would be to setup a dedicated sales channel that course advisors and agent relationship managers will subscribe to. As offers are converted Mycas can push individual notifications to the channel to alert the team which offers have been converted on which are still waiting in the pipeline.