Manage your students. Manage your organisation. Relax. Mycas has you covered.

Mycas is the next-gen Student Management System. It’s full of smarts to take the guesswork out of managing your training organisation. From invoicing to HR management. From class scheduling to customer relations.

Mycas is the best Manager you’ll never hire.

Making student management personal

From the first enquiry to the final completion Mycas is with you every step.

Respond with your own personalised crafted email templates. Track the conversation. Track every offer.

Need to send personalised messages straight to your students’ phones? Notify students of last minute class changes. Remind students when their fees are due. Piece of cake.

Speed up your sales pipeline

Making detailed package offers? Check. Agent relationship management? Check. Pipeline overviews? Easy.

Manage complicated enquiries, with credit transfers and partial course completions, without breaking a sweat. Mycas can calculate each entire study plan, calculating proposed end dates for each student at lightening speed. Print “whole of enrolment” study plans at the press of a button. Looking professional has never looked so good.

Schedules, your way.

Timetabling students and classes for busy colleges was a full time role. Not any more. Schedule a whole campus in seconds. Calculate required subjects, create classes and assign students. Just pick the room and the trainer.

No matter if you’re scheduling individual units or whole course clusters, Mycas has you covered.

Welcome to scheduling, reimagined.

Next generation communication

Keep your sales team up-to-date and motivated. Let them know when each offer is converted to an enrolment through their own Slack channel.

Now your whole team is on the same page.

Meet your new night shift employee. No overtime required

Every Mycas install includes an instance of Mycas Bot, an advanced automation engine that gets to work as you go to sleep.

Mycas Bot handles routine tasks with expert precision, including:

  • Sending fee reminders to students via SMS or email
  • Applying late fees according to your organisation’s policies
  • Updating processes to ensure you meet compliance deadlines
  • Sending start reminders to new students
  • Reminders for expiring offers
  • Attendance reminders
  • Academic performance notifications

All tasks are fully customisable from the Mycas Control Panel.

Dynamic reporting, without Microsoft Office


Mycas has a whole reporting engine baked right in. Edit document templates, mail merges and complex sales and financial reports all without leaving the Mycas desktop. If you have existing Word templates Mycas will even import and let you work with them right away.

Of course, completed documents and reports can be exported into a wide array of formats, from Word to PDF and everything in between. All without relying on any other tools.

In the cloud, or onsite

Mycas will happily live inside your own server room supporting a variety of infrastructure. But for exceptional ease of use, with the ability to scale on demand, the Mycas cloud-based plans are ideal for all organisation sizes.