Announcing Mycas V2.0

Mycas V2.0 has been released, and is a major update in several functional areas. Here’s a brief rundown.

A new workflow for issuing qualifications

The new qualification issuance system has been built from the ground up to help you securely issue qualifications to eligible clients.

An overview screen will show you the enrolments that have recently completed their course, either naturally or through withdrawal. Using the qualification rules based on your training and assessment strategies, Mycas calculates the students that have met your TAS course requirements. It also confirms that the student has provided their USI prior to issuing a qualification, which is now a requirement.

The individual issuing screen will show the list of units the student has successfully completed for their enrolled course, and the issuance type that Mycas believes the student is eligible for — a Statement of Attainment for partial completion, or a qualification where all course requirements are met.

You’re also able to review the students’ eligibility for other courses via the ‘Certification to Issue’ dropdown. This is useful where a student may not have successfully completed the qualification they enrolled in, but may have met the requirements for a lower qualification.

Mycas provides warnings where it feels a closer review may be necessary, such as issuing a qualification to a student without a USI recorded on the system, or a qualification where Mycas has determined that not all requirements may have been met. You’re free to ignore these warnings, however, where there may be a legitimate reason for doing so.

The qualifications register

The new workflow automatically tracks issuance with a unique ID number, which will appear in the qualifications register. From the register, you can see the issuance number, the issue date, student, enrolment, end date, certification issued, and the authorised issuer (user). From this screen you’re able to print (or re-print) certifications.

For larger organisations, you may have a staff member that reviews and approves certification issuance, and another member of staff responsible for handling the printing process. Mycas can seamlessly handle this workflow. Printing can be separate to the approval process.

There is now a new tab on the students’ enrolment screen showing certifications issued.

Re-issuing is also automatically handled where required. Where Mycas detects that a qualification has already been issued, it will alert the user and provide the opportunity to formally re-issue the certification. It will also automatically add a statement to the certification confirming that it is a re-issue and the date of re-issue.

A powerful new process management system

The Mycas process system has been radically overhauled and given powerful task tracking features. This has been designed to help ensure your policies are followed step-by-step and improves transparency by logging each process step through its lifecycle.

Task checklists and templates

For each type of process, you can now add a range of checklist items related to the process, and a template. This is handled in the “Configure Process Editor” screen in the administration tab.

Each time you start a new process, simply select the process type and your new process will be pre-populated with these checklist items and a template for capturing relevant information.

As the user works through the checklist and completes the template, a log is generated to record when steps were taken and by which member of staff. This audit trail can be used to demonstrate that your organisation has followed its processes correctly.

A task progress indicator is also visible from the process window and also the overview screen for all open processes. This provides a clear, visual indication of the percentage of tasks completed for each process item.

Don’t forget you can still attach scanned documents and emails to each process — simply drag and drop any attachments straight from your desktop or Windows Explorer to the process documents screen. Each document will be issued with a unique tracking ID number and will be version controlled.

Uses for the new process system

With the extra detail available for each process, the new Mycas process management system is ideal for capturing a range of compliance evidence and registers.

Here’s some types of processes to track for starters:
– complaints and grievances
– continuous improvement
– leave requests
– appeals
– assessment validation
– academic intervention
– credit transfers
– re-assessment attempts
– non-compliance reporting

By tracking these within Mycas you’ll have a central repository of evidence you can use to demonstrate how your organisation complies with various requirements.

New course progress monitoring

The new course progress indicators make it easy to identify students that are at risk of not making adequate course progress.

See the earlier blog posting for further information related to the new course progress monitoring options.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • new financial reports to show you an overviews of revenue per product, value captured per enrolment, and commission amounts. This is also a great way of identifying enrolments that have been undercharged for services rendered.
  • Optional automatic write-offs for future invoices when enrolments are cancelled or shortened. A great time saver!
  • a new, streamlined class search screen.
  • selectable payment methods for Frontdesk Sales.
  • significant speed-up when printing student cards

Aside from this, there’s also a range of speed enhancements, bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements.

V2.0 is a free update for current subscribers.